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Aquaponics Africa Fish

Rendalli fish have good growth rates and can withstand low oxygen water. Taste great and have a good texture

Harvesting and Trasferring
Harvesting And Transferring Fish 1
Harvesting And Transferring Fish

The Fish

The principal aquaculture species at Aquaponics Africa is Tilapia rendalli. the Redbreasted Tilapia.This is a herbivorous species, native to Africa occurring between latitudes 20N-20S.It is known locally as kurper or bream and prefers warm water with temperatures of 24-32C.The South African angling record weight is 1.845kg.

Rendalli Fish

Aquaponics Africa has chosen the Rendalli for the following reasons:

  1. Can withstand poor water quality and low oxygen.
  2. Can withstand variable water temperatures.
  3. Wide diet variety of plant matter,algae,worms,detritus,commercial pellets,Lemna(duckweed) and water lettuce.
  4. Good growth rates and food conversion ratios.
  5. Good polyculture possibilities with other species.
  6. Disease resistant.
  7. Excellent taste and texture.

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